Visit Portugal Website


Dec. 2019


UX / UI Designer


Visit Portugal is the official website for Portugal as a tourist destination. It has the purpose to promote and develop tourism activity in Portugal. The purpose of this project is to present a more efficient User Experience approach and pleasant User Interaction. Although this was a personal project and didn’t take off, it is yet worth documenting it.

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sitemap personas userflows

Opportunity to improve

Information architecture on a platform of this dimension would always be an interesting challenge. In the process of research and competitive analysis, it was possible to verify that many of the competitors also have some failures in terms of usability and visual design. The development of sitemaps, the creation of personas and user journeys made possible to understand the priorities and better hierarchize the information.

Sketching and Wireframing Sketching and Wireframing

Making the product more ‘invisible’

Some of the project's challenges were related to the hierarchy of information. On the current platform, there is no clear visual definition between primary and secondary information. Another relevant aspect was the lack of consistent and enough spacing between elements and sections. Some interaction and navigation problems have also been fixed, such as viewing events or information about cities.

Navigation detail Events cards presentation
Final Design - Visuals - Desktop and Mobile Final Design - Visuals - Desktop and Mobile