Modern, proud and inviting brand


Nov. 2019


Brand Development


Branding proposal for Visit Portugal, a brand that intends to promote tourism and attract travelers to Portugal. The challenge was to design a brand that represents an entire country, showing what the best it has to offer, engaging with people and travelers, increasing the country visibility and presence of tourists in Portugal.

Visit Portugal branding project
branding directions branding direction

Research, analysis, and Exploration

The project initiated with research through various means - questionnaire, documentation, etc. - allowed me to understand the brand positioning, vision, and potential target audience. At this stage, I realized that Modern, Proud and Inviting should be the key-concepts of the brand that represents this European Country. In the market and user research, it was interesting to verify that visual communication seems to have been left to a secondary plan by the majority of the brand competitors.

At the end of these two stages, it was important to realize that it would be needed some extra care with the brand graphic elements and colors of the Portuguese flag (Green and Red), due to the possible linking of Portugal to Africa by some of the target audience. In the moodboards process, I’ve gathered ideas, inspiration, and “feel” before start exploring.

In the creative process of the graphic image after research, the direction was linked with the inspiration in visual elements that represent the country itself (like the sun or the Order of Christ) as well as the brand objective (symbols that represents a localization, place), conveying an idea of travel and movement by one side, and from evolution and growth, by other.

Color Pallete process Logo and Final Color Pallete

Final Design

After these stages, the Rules and Guides for the design structure were created, supporting the development of a clean and cohesive structure. This allowed having a solid design and structured deliverables to the Dev team. It has a balance between images and text, always with good legibility in mind. The visuals intend to represent the company’s vision: oung, innovative and disruptive. In the mobile version, the ease of interaction, navigation, and readability were the priorities. If you want more information about this project, just reach me out.

Logo, Typography Brand Mockups