UNTOLD: digital agency website


Jan. 2019


UX / UI Designer


UNTOLD is a Digital Agency based in Portugal. I was responsible for the agency's website design & coding - www.untoldinteractive.com

Untold Interactive project image intro
sketching sitemap and user flow sketck and wireframes typography

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

The main challenge of this project was the Visual Design side, which had to be leveled up to the work developed by the agency. The main objective of the client was to engage the users and encourage them to contact and enquire about new projects. Competitive Analysis, Benchmarketing, and internal evaluation (the project pro’s and cons, available assets and copy, objectives) started this project. One of the main considerations in this project was related with the code implementation.

As I'm not an expert in coding, it wouldn't make sense to develop very advanced solutions in terms of interaction, because they wouldn't be able to be implemented in an acceptable time frame. On the other hand, I’ve pushed my limits a bit in the art of coding. The concept was based on impacting visuals and space room between elements.

Final Design Screens - Desktop Final Design Screens - Desktop