Feb. 2020


UX / UI Designer


IndustrialSYS is a micro company of Industrial Communication Networks. The objective of this project was to increase the brand reputation in the market, influencing the decision process of potential clients.

IndustrialSYS project image intro
client's questionnaire sitemap wireframes

Research, Discussion & Strategy

The client wanted to increase the visibility and reputation of the company among the target audience. The best way to achieve this was by offering a better and more efficient navigation experience, along with impacting visuals. In the project's earliest stage, a "client's questionnaire" was done to align everyone on the same page. The project was initiated by collecting information regarding the target audience, user profiles, strategy and pain points of the actual version, leading to the production of personas, user journeys, sitemaps, sketching & wireframing.

Rules and Guides for Design structure Interactivity and interaction directions

Visuals & Interaction

After these stages, the Rules and Guides for the design structure were created, supporting the development of a clean and cohesive structure. This allowed having a solid design and structured deliverables to the Dev team. It has a balance between images and text, always with good legibility in mind. The visuals intend to represent the company’s vision: oung, innovative and disruptive. In the mobile version, the ease of interaction, navigation, and readability were the priorities. If you want more information about this project, just reach me out.

Strategic CTA Horizontal Slider Navigation
Final Design Screens - Desktop & Mobile Final Design Screens - Desktop