Fighting Hunger with no fear


Nov. 2019


Brand Development


Visual Identity and Brand Guidelines for Hunger Hunter, a fight hunger association. Hunger Hunter is meant to be an association with the mission to end hunger with an activist personality.

IndustrialSYS project image intro
moodboards brand drafting final logo

Daring, Reliable and honest

These were the key concepts behind the naming brand development. The moodboars gathered to inspiration were around “hunting”, “fighting”, “activism”, “targeting”, resulting in a brand represented by an orca. Hunger Hunter as an impactful and clear voice. It intends to provoke reaction in people. The voice is: honest and reliable; direct and clear, getting quickly to the point; creative and energic; and impactful.

Rules and Guides: Color Palette Rules and Guides: typography

Give a real fight

Hunger Hunter’s mission is to create a relentless community, dedicated to fight and end hunger all across de globe. The brand believes that the same behavior will produce the same outputs.
“Dark Imperial Blue” is Hunger Hunter brand primary color. Blue symbolizes trust, reliability, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and faith. Due to its proximity to black, it also projected to convey strength and power. The brand secondary palette consists of yellow and light blue, in order to give balance.

Moodboards Mockups
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