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Frontend Development, Copywriting, SEO

IndustrialSYS is a company of communication networks in industrial environments.

IndustrialSYS operates in the Industrial Sector segment connected to the industry 4.0 and IIOT concepts. The provided solutions allows industrial companies to monitor production units, optimize performance indicators, predict and correct constrains in the production process. The result is the saving of thousands of euros for the customers.

As Marketing Advisor to IndustrialSYS, I have embraced several areas including the web design, development (WordPress), content marketing, SEO, copywriting, strategy and design.

Copywriting e Design - InfiniteBook
Merchandising - Design de Estacionário
Ação de Marketing Direto - Copywriting e Design
Merchandising - Cartão de Contacto Pen Disk - Design

“Life tolerates failure. The Industry does not.” This slogan represents the added value that IndustrialSYS brings to its market, extremely competitive and where failures in the production units are not allowed.

I’ve also created various stationary and merchandising elements for the brand, technical and promotional articles, marketing strategies. The mains goal was to increase the online and offline brand awareness and contribute to the growth of the company’s revenue.

In 2018, the number of the website´s users has increased 5 times when comparing with the previous year.