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João Duarte Barbosa - Freelancer

Digital Professional

Aveiro, Portugal

Based in Portugal. I am an Independent Professional specialized in UX/UI, Marketing, Copywriting and Frontend Development.

As a Freelancer, I work for agencies, companies, startups or individuals all around the globe. Have you seen enough already? Click the button!

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I guess you don’t have time to waste! Do you need my skills in UX/UI, marketing, web development, copywriting, SEO or in more than one field? My email was copied to the clipboard of your device so we can get in touch.


Over one decade of passion for digital solutions, 5 years of experience and thousands of hours used to learning and improvement allows me today to have a diversified skillset that covers several fields within the digital and marketing services. On this list, you can check my main skills:

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About Me

What you expect from me

Focus on results. Creativity. Commitment. Dedication. I like to exceed expectations and, in the end, to feel proud of the work done. I look to understand as much as possible each client’s business and reality in order to be able to provide tailor-made solutions and thus get the best results for the best price. Oh, and you can also count on my good vibes!😸 If you want to: develop a website to enhance the customer/visitor experience. Increase impact and visits. Improve website positioning in search engines. Attract more visitors to the brand. Define a more efficient communication and marketing strategy. Make the brand more appealing. Increase Brand Engagement. Well... I’m your man! 😎

About You

What I expect from you

You recognize the importance of marketing and communication in business and the impact of digital solutions in the market. You value the job well done. Your´re aware that quality costs money and no investment brings no results. If you consider that having a website “is a necessary evil”, but “anything will do”, probably I’m not the person you are looking for (for that, you got other kind of solutions). So it will be best for both of us not waste our time (but if you’re still reading this, it’s because you don’t think that way 😉).

Do you value committed and dedicated guys who give their best? I’m your man! Still thinking? Check below some of the projects I’ve done as a UX/UI designer, marketing professional, copywriter, developer, web designer, SEO… and some cool collateral design too!

My Portfolio

01. Untold

My work

Frontend Development, Copywriting, SEO

02. IndustrialSYS

My work

Marketing, Copywriting, SEO, UX/UI, Design

03. R. A. Osteopata

My work

UX/UI, Web Design & Dev, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO

04. Vitality Spirit

My work

Copywriting and Brand Identity

05. Conceito de Peixe

My work

UX/UI, Web Design & Dev, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO

06. Kiwish

My work

UX/UI, Web Design & Dev, Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO

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